De Emerald Partners is an advisory firm offering advisory services in 2 segments, NRI and Foreign Nationals working in India, with 3 critical areas:
  • Wealth Management
  • Banking
  • Income Tax Compliance

The genesis of De Emerald’s services offerings can be traced back to the founder Ramnath Rao’s personal experiences working overseas in Singapore.

During his time in Singapore in the late 2000s, he was very keen to remit – and more importantly – invest his earnings in the Indian equity markets to build his portfolio and grow his wealth. Unfortunately, in that period, financial planning and wealth management services for NRIs were not particularly evolved, much less advanced. The only ‘investment’ advice available to him at the time came from his bank’s relationship manager or via stockbroker ‘hot tips’. None of these services were structured or disciplined; and they were definitely not designed to generate wealth. 

The entire time that Ramnath was in Singapore, he did not file his Income Tax returns in India and neither did he open any NRE or NRO accounts. This is typical behaviour for most Indians who leave the country in a hurry to take up lucrative assignments abroad. In almost every case, organising these bank accounts and meeting compliance requirements becomes a lower priority once they reach their new country of residence.

Millions of global NRIs face these same challenges in their adopted countries, with no way to resolve them in a satisfactory manner.

On the contrary as a foreign professional working in Singapore, he could invest with confidence in the local equity markets due to the professional investment advisory services he engaged. This advisory help him invest his earnings prudently and generate wealth

To help NRIs and Foreign Professionals, in India, navigate these issues, he founded De Emerald Partners in 2016 

Our Services


We provide completely customised solutions based on a careful analysis of your financial objectives, risk appetite and corresponding market opportunities.

Any recommendations we make are tailored to YOUR needs. The only products we do recommend are those we have invested in ourselves. And we only make money when YOU do!

About the Founder
Ramnath Rao
Ramnath Rao, is a Chartered Accountant by profession with over 25 years of working experience. He has worked in multi-national companies like Arthur Andersen and Thomson Reuters in India and Singapore. He has also worked at Adventity BPO Services, an outsourcing start-up. At Thomson Reuters he has held country specific and regional roles for South Asia, ASEAN and Asia.

In early 2016 he quit his job and started De Emerald Partners, a boutique consulting and advisory firm providing services in Investment Management and Investment Banking for SMEs. 
He is very passionate about helping people invest wisely and not make the same mistake as he did  to lose the opportunity to create wealth.
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